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1 Anu Learns To Save This simple story attempts to explain the importance of saving money regularly from a very early age in life.

2 Manis Money This story discusses the concept of inflation, banking, and the need to open a savings account. We believe this could be the first step towards nurturing the idea of ‘money compounding.’

3 Vishrambus 's Bus Journey A responsible citizen pays his share of taxes to the government. Taxes are an important part of our in our financial lives. In line with this thought, this story attempts to explain the concept of tax, and why one needs to pay them.

4 One And A Half Stories This story introduces the concept of Insurance, and explains why it makes sense to get one.

5 The Cake Shop The story is about the stock market. It explains how a company can raise money from the stock market to expand its business. The story also explains how an investor can benefit by investing his money in a business via the stock market.

6 Introduction to Stock Markets Stock markets are the heartbeat of global finance, providing a platform for buying and selling shares in publicly listed companies. In this brief introduction, we'll touch on the fundamental role of stock markets, their significance in the world economy,

7 Technical Analysis Technical analysis is a method of evaluating financial markets by analyzing historical price data and identifying patterns to predict future price movements. It focuses on charts and statistical indicators to inform trading decisions.

8 Fundamental Analysis Fundamental analysis is a method of evaluating financial assets by examining the underlying economic, financial, and qualitative factors that influence their value. It involves assessing a company's financial health, earnings, and market position to make

9 Futures Trading Futures trading involves buying and selling financial contracts, known as futures contracts, which obligate the parties to transact assets at a predetermined price and future date. It serves as a platform for speculating on price movements or hedging agai

10 Options Theory for Professional Trading Options theory in professional trading involves the strategic use of financial instruments known as options. These contracts offer the right, without the obligation, to buy or sell assets at a predetermined price within a specified timeframe.